Welcome to our Wine Ventures! 

Stamatis Iseris DipWSET 

An Introduction…

Welcome to our newly arrived Wine Ventures in Corfu! A venture by definition entails the notion of a daring journey. Our Wine Venture is, on one hand, risky because this idyllic island has earned a less impressive vinous reputation at least for the moment. On the other hand, Greece’s vineyard is yet to be explored due to its unbelievable and fascinating wealth of indigenous grape varieties, exquisite wine styles and dazzling vitivinicultural heritage.

welcome to wine ventures in corfu

Our mission?

To create an educational yet pleasurable wine experience during your stay so that you can start decoding the land of Dionysus.

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And what about our logo?

‘It is a glass of red wine. What additional explanation do we need?’ you may think. And you are right! To further enhance this profound simpleness of our logo, I have to say that our graphic designer had us both from the first moment when he presented a selection of different ones. Why? Because we both love drinking a Pinot Noir in a Burgundy glass. And this warm feeling was evoked!

Yet, if you are in the mood to further contemplate our logo, I would encourage you to notice that the wine in the glass is moving. Is this not what wine is all about? An ever-evolving liquid, revealing its complete potential of magic scents and sensuous flavours depending not only on its age but also on its ability to age. This is what makes wine the most unique and complex of all beverages. Its enchanting and sometimes not fully comprehensible circle of life. All oenophiles are allured by its beguiling qualities because it perpetually moves. It continuously evolves. It gets more complex. It reaches a peak. Then it starts to deteriorate. It could not more perfectly reflect life. It is an honour to invite you to our tastings of this magical liquid!

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With regard to our values, we could use the IPA acronym. I know you beer lovers are thinking of an Indian Pale Ale. Although this is not the case here, we do offer a unique craft beer tasting. The IPA initialism, on the other hand, stands for Innovation, Passion and Advancement. We have designed our offerings based on uniqueness and skillfulness. It is an authentic wine venture nowhere else to be found on the island. Our driving force is our zest and desire for you to experience the delight and pleasure that only wine can offer. As human beings we love moving, evolving and progressing just like wine. Via our travels and studies we always aim at growing and communicating our experiences with our fellow wine lovers.

If you are indeed looking for a genuine and creative wine venture while in Corfu, consider a wine or beer tasting with us and taste the real McCoy! After all, this is what life and wine is all about!