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1 - 10 Guests


There has been a boom of craft beer production and a mushrooming ‎of microbreweries worldwide. Greece is not an exception! Diverse styles of beer made from various types of grains, hops and yeasts are there for you to taste. It will be our pleasure to welcome you to our Corfu Craft Beer Tasting and Surprise you,  book it now!

Our exclusive Corfu craft beer experience includes the tasting of five unique styles of artisanal Greek beers (Pilsner, Amber Lager, Homeric 'Barley Wine', IPA and Porter). All beers are of the highest quality and class carefully selected from Greek microbreweries. Uniquely and creatively, we have enhanced your craft beer tasting experience by adding the element of art. Therefore, we have exclusively 'blended' it with music pairing!

Υou will also taste modern beers along with styles originating from Greek antiquity. Moreover, we emphasize on a sensory experience which is focused on a fun and interactive discussion on the personality of each beer (aromas and flavours).

In addition, you will savour seasonal local 'pikinikia' (mezes in local dialect) originally prepared for each beer profile. Furthermore, we have chosen proper and fine glassware for our Corfu craft beer tasting because they play a major part in this exciting sensory evaluation. Above all, we have deliberately kept the number of our guests in each group very low because these gatherings are all about sharing, conviviality and human relations.

During this hour, we aim for an entertaining, informative and unforgettable beer experience. At the end, we would like you to be able to taste like a pro! At the same time, feel the excitement of discovering the hidden gastronomic treasures, Greece and Corfu has to offer.

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