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Personal chef and sommelier at your villa!

Gastronomic Wine DinnerĀ 

Dine like home in a cosy setting in one of the most verdant and picturesque neighborhoods of Corfu Town. Our flavourful dishes have been thoroughly inspired by our authentic Corfiot gastronomy. We have selected five rare and unique wine styles to ‘marry’ beautifully with our delicious food. Our Chef and Sommelier warmly invites you to immerse yourself in a five-course gastronomic experience with a real identity and a true sense of place.

Please send us your request and we will provide you with all details about the event and also our tasting menu based on seasonal and fresh local produce as well as our wine pairing ideas.

Premium Wine Tasting Experience 

Have you perhaps already experienced an introduction to the fundamentals of our principal Greek wine styles and native grapes? Why not then explore the depth of our impressive variety of indigenous grapes and the incredible viticultural heritage of Greece via our prime wine tasting experience? Four distinctive wine styles have been matched with authentic Corfiot recipes in the most delicious way.

Please send us your request along with your potential wine tasting preferences for a tailor-made premium wine testing.

Personal sommelier at your yacht!

***All personalised offerings can be organised on a private basis and we are able to meet all dietary requirements.

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